3 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards + Cute Thank You Cards!

With the presents unwrapped and Christmas feast consumed, many of us are now looking ahead to the new year; however, before that can happen you likely have a plethora of thank you cards to write expressing your appreciation of loved ones generosity throughout the holiday season.  Today I’m sharing my top three tips that I keep in mind when writing thank you notes and including some of my favorite stationary.  I hope you find them helpful!  

One:  Don’t be afraid to use a template

It can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin when crafting a well-written and sincere thank you note.  I find it’s helpful to stick to a structure while still making sure to include many personal details.  Start with a greeting and express your thanks, adding some specific details, telling your giver how you plan to use or display their gift.  Then look ahead to the next time you expect to see them, restate your thanks, and end with your regards.  

Two:  Use Stationary

This one is just for you!  While I’m certain the recipient of your thank you card would appreciate the sediments just as much if they were written on a napkin, there’s something exciting about bringing out a special and beautiful set of stationary.  My favorites are here, here, here, here, and here!  

Three:  Be personal, sincere, and specific

I think the best thank you notes are usually handwritten.  It’s always a welcome treat to receive a personal, handwritten note in the mail, especially because it is becoming less and less common.  Be sincere in your note, thanking the giver for the gift, their thoughtfulness, or both!  Finally, be specific when you can.  Tell them exactly how you will use his or her gift or how their thoughtful gesture helped you or affected your life.
Happy writing!  
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