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A few weeks ago I came across a photo on Instagram that embodies the nonchalant peacefulness and brightness that I want in my life.  The inspiration image is below and, even now, I can almost the feel soft spring breeze upon my upturned face and the smell of fresh laundry engulfing the room.  I also loved the concept of doing laundry out of an actual wicker basket instead of the standard, plastic laundry bins that you get for $4.99 at Fred Meyer.  It’s such a small, silly thing but I’m all about elevating everyday tasks by bringing something you love into the mix.  I haven’t made the leap yet (waiting for a killer sale!) but luckily wicker and woven items are very in this spring so the selection has been fantastic!  I’ve had my eye on a few beauties, all linked above.  We actually already have the sixth one in our bedroom for the wayward throws!  Wish my mom had kept some of her baskets from the 90’s because baskets are back, baby!  Which is your favorite?  

wrapping up this weekend with one last load of laundry + sweet hello's through the window ?

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