It should be evident by now that fall is my one of favorite seasons.  Autumn is full of magical moments for the senses; from the raging pumpkin-everything obsession to the beautiful root vegetables assuming their place of glory in the farmer market shelves, from the basic Instagram’s of boots and leggings in gem-colored leaves to the earthy sweetness of fresh-pressed apple cider.  Pomegranates finally come back into season after a painfully pomegranate-free summer season, the jagged jack-o-latter teeth dotting the neighborhood stoops always make me grin and I cannot decorate our house with enough white pumpkins!  

When I was in grade school, I couldn’t see the board as well as I needed to, prompting my parents to take me to the optometrist.  As I refused to wear glasses, it was determined that I needed contacts.  I was given a pair to wear out of the optometrists office and I vividly remember telling my mom with pure joy on the ride home: “The trees!  They all have leaves on them!  Mom!  Did you know this!?!”.  If you’ve ever had any vision correction then you likely know exactly the sensation I was experiencing.  My world was coming into focus and the detail all around me was, quiet simply, mesmerizing.  I feel as though everyone gets a similar sensation every fall – the true beauty and vivacity of the world is impossible to ignore and if take a moment to appreciate it the reward is beyond words.  Long story short, here’s a snippet of our fall thus far – straight from the iPhone lens. 

P.S. If you too are savoring fall, check out mini pumpkins on a stick, how to make chai spiced cider, some lovely scents of autumn, our trip to Bend for fall hiking, and a recipe for pumpkin spice creamer!  

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