Best Banana Bread

I’m convinced this is the best banana bread to ever grace the world. I know this to be true because it’s the bread my grandma made until my newlywed father called her up one afternoon and jotted down the recipe.  Dad made it frequently for us growing up and, per tradition, I copied the recipe on a tattered piece of notebook paper and took it off to college with me.  Our family has been making savoring this banana bread for three generations and it’s still just as delicious each time someone makes it. With that many years of love and tweaking, it’s buttery and moist with plenty of ripe banana flavor–pretty much perfect. Slice by slice, I promise you’ll devour at least half of this loaf within hours of it coming out of the oven.  And don’t forget to use a wooden spoon!  I’m fairly certain that doesn’t change the outcome but it’s how my dad always made it, so it’s how I always make it too.  Enjoy!  


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