It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows them, that my parents are absolutely incredible people; I am unequivocally blessed to have them as my parents.  They remain my biggest role models and they created a childhood for Justin and I that was like no other.  From the legendary family vacations that broadened my horizons and sparked my curiosity to the myriad traditions we shared through it all, I was always surrounded by love.  As has been the practice lately, I was jamming to Christmas music on the Apple TV and was reminded of one of my favorite childhood memories.

In our house, one of the best traditions, in my humble opinion, was the unearthing of the Christmas boxes from the attic.  Totes with tangles of Christmas lights and boxes with neatly divided red and white ornaments; baskets of Christmas books and bags of artificial snow.  It was pure, unspoiled magic ripe with an ambiance of merriment and the anticipation of the upcoming season.  One of my favorite boxes to emerge in my dad’s hands from the attic was the clear tote of Christmas CD’s.  He had a firm rule that Christmas music could not be listened to until the Thanksgiving dishes had been cleared and with the season so short, I could never get my fill of Christmas music before those CD’s had to go back up into the attic.  Even now that I am a big, grown-up girl and could techniccallllyyyy listen whenever the mood struck me, I loyally remove all the holiday tunes from my phone come January 1st.  I will admit though that the Christmas music came out a bit early this year with the stress of the national election I was looking for some joy in the world.  I’m such a cheater! 

As you can imagine, we’ve amassed quiet the collection of Christmas albums throughout the years and I’ve love to share my top picks in case anyone is in need of a new favorite.  Enjoy and welcome to the season!  I hope it is a joyful one for you.  🙂

Hilary Duff – Santa Clause Lane:  I know.  Trust me, I’m imaging the eye rolls, comments, etc.  But just listen to it.  Dare you to tell me it isn’t catchy.

Kenny Chesney – All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan:  A mix of classics and originals this is a great one to put up the decorations to or have in the background.

Michael Bublé – Cold December Night:  Do I really need to tell you about this one?  It’s Michael Bublé.  Let him coddle you into the Christmas spirit.  

Taylor Swift – Last Christmas:  It’s from her early days and has the tinge of twang and slow music that was her roots.  Nothing original but some solid renditions of the classics and as a true Swiftie, no music list of mine would be complete without her.

Louis Prima – Pennies From Heaven (Elf Soundtrack):  Mainly because I think it would be weird to recommend you just listen to the whole movie audio.  Which I’ve done, so hilarious.  SIX INCHES! 

Pentatonix – Mary, Did You Know:  This was a new find by mom a few years ago and I can’t stop listening.  An acapella group, these guys are truly incredible.  Their new album that dropped this year is going to be on heavy rotation.  

Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You:  I’m talking the  OG 1994 version here.  Without a doubt.

Colbie Caillat – Christmas in the Sand:  She’s got some great originals on here if you want something different than takes on the classic.  A peaceful, beachy vibe.

Glee – We Need A Little Christmas:  For the same reason you shouldn’t knock the Hilary Duff suggestion, give the three Glee Christmas albums a chance.  There’s a lot of pure talent and the songs are all upbeat, perfect for dancing too.  They have some fun mash ups too.

Frank Sinatra – Jingle Bells:  It’s a classic.  No further explanation required. 

Brenda Klutz White – Christmas in the Northwest:  A definitive single for anyone who grew up in the beautiful PNW.  

Happy listening and Merry Christmas!


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  1. Jenaroo you are amazing! Your writing is so wonderful and your appreciation of every detail is incredible. You truly have the kindest heart I have ever known!!! Love my baby girl!!

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