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Do you take any vitamins or supplements?  Are you a multivitamin kinda person or one of those people who have a color-coded pill box full of a custom combination for every day of the week?  I once read that it’s important to be the “kind of person who would take a vitamin, regardless of if you do or not”.  While I’m not sure that was sound advice, the point was to be the kind of person who takes care of their body by focusing on their health and wellbeing.  I ate lots of vegetables, exercised frequently.  Good enough, I figured.  No vitamins necessary.  
However, as I’m now a whole quarter of a century old, I think it’s important to begin paying more attention to my body.  Flossing each evening, limiting the snacking at night and – you guessed it – taking vitamins.  Boom!  Easy. Yeah, not so fast.  I soon realized that making the decision to begin adding vitamins to my routine was the easy part.  The market for vitamins and supplements is clearly a prosperous one as there were multiple isles and enough choices to overwhelm anyone. I hastily grabbed a generic multivitamin off the shelf and moved on.  However, that vitamin made me incredibly nauseous (turns out it was the non-plant based iron) so I quit taking them all together and promptly forgot about the whole vitamin objective.  
Fast forward to last month.  I saw an Instagram ad for a new startup called Care/Of.  It’s a company that sends you 30 custom packs of vitamins to your house each month.  While the packs are cute, the prices reasonable, and the quality of each supplement is second to none, the service has value even if you want to buy your own vitamins elsewhere.  You begin by answering a series of questions based on lifestyle, where you live, how you eat, etc. and Care/Of provides you with a list of supplements you should be taking and – most importantly – why they are important for you.  
My recommendations took into account that I live in Washington state and don’t get a ton of sunshine (Vitamin D), that I have a touchy belly (digestive enzymes), that I have a family history of heart problems and want to grow my hair out (fish oil), and that I can’t handle strong iron supplements (plant-based iron).  
I’d highly recommend trying out the quiz – regardless of where you fall in the vitamin camp – to see if your current routine is fulfilling your needs or as a suggestion of where to start in the overwhelming madness of the supplement world.  From there, it’s totally up to you if you want to order the pills from Care/Of or go find a Kirkland version at Costco.  For what it’s worth, I priced my personalized pack at Costco and found the prices to be very similar plus the convenience of a pre-made pack to toss into your purse or take on vacation is very nice.  Let me know if you give it a try!  
P.S. In case anyone was wondering, this isn’t a sponsored post 🙂 

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