How Do You Get Your News?

In the turbulence of recent times and the introduction of “alternative facts”, it’s becoming increasingly important to remain informed on current events and have the information necessary to develop your own perspectives and opinions.  To that end, my appetite for news has never been stronger but it’s an undeniable time investment to read the basics and nearly impossible to read up on everything.  Here are five ways I attempt to keep track of the going’s-on of the world.  
The Skimm
A morning newsletter that gets delivered straight to your inbox, The Skimm was founded by two women who realized reading the news is a time-consuming task to which many of us simply do not have the time to devote each day.  The Skimm is a cheeky, and often snarky, take on the daily news that covers all the top stories of the day in a succinct, convenient email blast.  You can sign up here.
NPR is generally considered to be an unbiased source of news and I’ve found that assertion holds relatively true.  Simply download the app and it will suggest podcasts or news stories that you may find interesting.  Plus, there’s a five-minute summary of current events that’s updated at the top of every hour.  
The New York Times
I’ve talked about my morning rituals on the blog before, but reading a physical copy of the Times every morning is a moment I cherish in each day, sipping my morning cup of coffee and engulfing myself in the daily news, everything from politics to food, diplomacy to style.  I find the physical paper allows me to be exposed to a wide array of topics and isn’t as overwhelming as an online news source.  When I log on to or the NYT app, I often don’t know where to begin and just want to give up; however, a physical paper makes that process far less complicated, allowing me to focus on the news itself.  That said, the NYT podcast – The Daily – is also a great 15-minute deep dive on one of the top stories of the day.  
Pod Save America
I’ve waxed on this podcast before but I swear it gets better each week.  This podcast only covers the political news of the week; however, as that seems to be the majority of the news anyhow lately, I thought it deserved a spot.  It’s described as “a political podcast for people not yet ready to give us or go insane.” I couldn’t have described it better. While I often wish I could put my head in the sand for the next four years, I know that if I make that choice, I will have no one but myself to blame if our country makes decisions that I do not agree with. However, I also know that if I focus too much on the political issues raging in the world around me, my anxiety and stress will be unmanageable. This podcast strikes a beautiful balance. Run by a selection of Obama’s former young staffers, I appreciate the concrete suggestions on avenues for change and resistance. Fair warning, though (if you haven’t already gathered), it is a liberal minded podcast.  Be a Friend of the Pod!  
International News
Finally, if there is a specific news piece that I want to get away from the politics and focus on the facts, I’ve found international news outlets to be particularly helpful in that regard.  BBC is a favorite.  
I’d love to know how you get your news.  Is there something new and great out there or even something old and reliable that I should know about?  

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