Korean Rice Cakes

Have you ever tried a Korean rice cake? I’ve often professed my love of trying new foods on this blog. To me, there’s little more exciting than cooking with a new ingredient, it’s a new experience and it doesn’t much matter if you like it or not because now you know – you have a context, a story, an opinion! Luckily, today I’m here to showcase something that is universally delicious – I promise, there’s nothing not to love about rice cakes. With a slightly chewy texture, a rice cake soaks up the sauce it’s cooked in and provides substance while allowing the vegetables to be the star. This bowl recipe showcases the marvelous spring produce that’s available right now at the farmers market and these rice cakes – trust me, they taste nothing like the ones made by Quaker ? You can find the recipe here, if you’d like to try making it yourself!  Enjoy!

P.S. In Olympia, we find Korean rice cakes at the Arirang Oriental Market in the refrigerator section.


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