Mission: Organize the Pantry

Confession:  I’m not the neatest person.  Thank goodness my husband shares those tendencies or it would make for a very un-harmonious household.  We aren’t dirty people – the floors get vacuumed and mopped at least once a week and kitchen is picked up nightly – but we also aren’t exactly orderly people – there’s nearly always at least some dishes in the sink, something stacked on the island, and a blanket strewn on the couch rather than in the blanket basket where it belongs.  Even with that extraordinarily low bar, our pantry was by every definition a complete disaster.  
Even I’m nearly too embarrassed to show the “before” of our pantry.  It became a catchall for kitchen items during the remodel as it was the only closet or cabinet that wasn’t removed at some point and never really recovered after the remodel was finished.  Finally, last month, as we put away groceries I had had enough!  I researched glass canisters and nearly all bloggers and organizers came to the unanimous agreement that Weck jars were a cult classic so, even though they were more expensive than other options, that’s what I went with.  I labeled them with a Sharpie Paint Pen as it was sturdy enough not to rub off with daily use but a quick run through the dishwasher would remove the label completely so it could be used for something else in the future.  We are still on the hunt for tall, deep baskets for the bottom but I’m so in love with the change.  It only took an afternoon but I get such a thrill each and every time I reach for the coconut flour or granola.  Operation organize the pantry is a success!  

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