Mojito Inspired Water

We all know that drinking water is important but did you know that proper hydration is crucial for digestion, weight loss, healthy skin, immune system, brain function & energy levels?  Talk about a magic liquid.  However magic is may be for our bodies, it can admittedly get a bit bland for the taste buds.  With the general recommendation to be consuming 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day, any excuse to consume water is a great one – no matter if it’s coconut water, sparkling water, or fruit-infused water.  This recipe one of my favorites to savor while working in the sunshine.  As any water creation should, it comes together in minutes but elevates the taste tremendously!  Simply muddle a lime wedge and a handful of mint leaves (~10) in the bottom of a glass and top with a lime La Croix.  Boom!  Of course, you can forgo the stemless wine glass as I can personally attest that this tastes just as good coming out of a reused, plastic Starbucks cup but any excuse to be fancy right!?  Drink up and enjoy!  


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