Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14 and for those of you keeping score at home that’s less than two weeks away!  My mom is my best friend and the women I emulate in everything I do so no trinket ever feels substantial or important enough to represent how much she means to me or all that’s she’s done for me.  That said, I still want to do something in order to symbolize the holiday and let her know just how treasured she is.  If you are also looking for some Mother’s Day gift inspiration, read ahead for my favorite, meaningful gifts for Mom. 
  • A sweet and sedimental gift, this cutting board can be engraved with a treasured family recipe.  We made this for my mom a few Christmas’s ago with a recipe that was in both her mom and dad’s handwriting.  
  • A jar of her favorite, fancy night cream.  It’s an indulgence that she likely wouldn’t ever buy for herself but one that will elevate her bedtime routine every single evening.
  • An iPod shuffle that’s been set up with podcast subscriptions that will entrance and entertain her.  You can find some of my favorite podcast suggestions here.  
  • A DNA test that will reveal where her roots lie.  Our whole family recently got them done as a gift from my grandma and the results were fascinating.  Cameron and I’s kiddos will have a lot of Irish, Japanese, and Norwegian in them!
  • A cheeky card with a heartfelt message written inside, because that’s all she really wants anyway.
  • A set of dishtowels customized with family photos.  And if dishtowels aren’t your thing, Shutterfly has a myriad of other items that you can thoughtfully customize for mom – everything from blankets to coffee mugs (include a monthly coffee subscription or a set of her favorite tea with that one!).
  • A unique set of matches and her favorite candle (here are a few suggestions of my favorite candles).  One part original, one part useful and entirely sweet.   
  • And of course, you can never go wrong with flowers!  
P.S. If my own mamma is reading this, you’re gift may or may not be included in this roundup!  You’ll just have to wait and see. <3
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One thought on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. How did I get so lucky to have the perfect daughter?!!! You are my bestie as well and a perfect friend. You play a special role in our family that only you could handle…perfectly I might add….I see a theme here; you my sweet girl, are perfect for me!! I love you so much more than you could ever know!! Please just give me lots of snuggles for mothers day!!

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