Do you recall the heart-thumping sensation that came from your doorbell ringing in mid-October; I’m talking about that feeling when you just knew it was your turn.  You were getting “boo’ed”!  An essential part of my childhood in October was finding a basket of goodies on our stoop, frantically looking down the street in both directions, trying to see which friend or neighbor had left the treats.  After placing the “Boo!” poster on your front door for the remainder of the season, indicating to everyone you had already been chosen, Mom would then pick you up from school the next day and take you shopping to fill two baskets of goodies of your own so you could leave them on your friends doorsteps that night.  It was an exciting tradition that had wonderful threads of neighborhood inclusiveness and a spirit of our community.  

With such fond memories of the ritual, I was thrilled when my mom and Cameron brought home news of a similar tradition sweeping through THS.  It was called getting “mugged” and followed an identical pattern of leaving a mug full of surprises on someone’s desk.  After placing a sign on your desk to show you had already been hit, you left mugs filled with goodness on two other coworkers desks the following morning.  I thought it was a beautiful way to improve any workplace moral and knew I had to share.

A classic traditional mug will work beautifully or I’m rather fond of this one, this one, this one, and this one if you want something more unique or intricate (photos in link order, below). 

You could even decorate your own as I did for my mom (instructions on how to bake your mug after decorating here).  Once the mugs have been secured, simply fill with a handful of inexpensive treats – candy, candles, or homemade cookies are just a few ideas.  

If you want to kick off this tradition in your own workplace I’ve uploaded the printable sign and instructions for your use – it would be a kind gesture that is appropriate any time of year.  Happiness abound! 

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