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Welcome back!  I hope you’ve had a lovely Labor Day weekend that was full of whatever you needed – be it peace and rest or excitement and adventure.  We opted for an R&R weekend and I’m incredibly thankful for my clear mind and rested body as we approach a shorter week; I’m also looking forward to my parents return from Colorado to discuss the many shanagans that were had in Parents Weekend and Denver whilst visiting my brother. 

Today I’d like to share three more of my favorite non-toxic home and beauty products.  I’ve talked before about the catalysis for this green living journey we’ve embarked on and it’s something that I’m continuing to learn more about each and every day.  While I know it can be an tremendously daunting task to remove the myriad of toxins that are likely hiding in your home, my best advice is to take it slow.  We are far from having removed toxins entirely from our house but it’s my calming motto that each item I replace, well, that’s 5 (or 25!) fewer chemicals that my loved ones are exposed to.  It’s all about doing our best. 

The first item I would like to share today was a find I was thrilled to make.  While we were previously using similar dishwasher tabs, I had not tried the Kirkland brand after making the (inaccurate) assumption that the more pretty layers and fancy washing spheres that a dishwasher pac had the better it must clean our dishes!  So false!  Not only have I been pleasantly surprised with the cleaning power these little babies punch, I was also – to the spirit of this post – delighted to find that there were zero toxic substances in the Kirkland Dishwasher Packs.  Zero!  Compared that to the Finish pacs were were utilizing previously (also from Costco) which had six ingredients that are considered either toxic or potentially harmful.  Value, performance, and healthy – triple threat that I highly recommend.

This next item was something that I admittedly searched high and low for.  I have oily, breakout prone skin that can be finicky.  It was a difficult few months of trying brand after brand only to discover that they made me even more oily, caused breakouts, or simply couldn’t remove my makeup sufficiently at the end of the day.  After trying a myriad of cleansers and toners, including every single non-toxic one that Sephora carried and many that were recommended on other green beauty blogs, I was understandably a bit beaten by this process.  Fast forward to a Saturday of errands and meandering through the Super Supplement isles as Cameron shopped.  I noticed this gem on an end cap that was nearly gone.  It was cheap and clearly well loved.  The return policy paired with the fact I knew we would inevitably be back eventually, I decided to give it a go.  I’m in love.  This is now my third bottle of the cleansing gel and toner so I can confidently say they have done a remarkable job for my oily skin.  Highly recommend!  If you are on the opposite side of the fence with very dry, sensitive skin my mom has really enjoyed the Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil and Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder after she endured the trial and error process as well.

My final recommendation for today may seem innocent and simple enough; however, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a truly green, high-quality nail polish.  It’s likely very clear to everyone that there’s some toxic stuff going on with nail polish – no additional research required.  I was banished outside to paint my nails growing up because of the smell  Or perhaps it was due to the unfortunate fact that I spilled it on nearly every piece of furniture in my room.  We may never know…  When hunting for a non-toxic nail polish it’s critical to get one that’s three-free.  That means that the formula includes no dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde.  Many brands, including drugstore brands Essie, OPI, and Wet n’ Wild make the cut for the three-free level.  The next two levels are five-free and ten-free which inform even more stringent ingredient checks.  While I love my Essie and will continue to use my stockpile, I was interested in finding a higher-level of non-toxic polish and was impressed by the ease of application, shiny-ness, and longevity of this 100% pure polish.  As a quick tip, this site nearly always has coupons so if there currently isn’t a promotion for 30% off, wait a few days and one will inevitably turn up.

I’ll be back soon with three more favorite products – in the meantime please let me know if there is a specific item you’ve been hunting for and I’d be happy to share my successes and failures in the green investigation! 

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