Our Bedroom Refresh

When we were remodeling our house last year I coined the phrase cozy industrial modern to describe the design style I was hoping to emulate.  I even had our contractors saying it after a while; I cannot describe how hilariously endearing it is to hear a contractor deem a trim style “not the cozy industrial modern vibe we are going for”.  I was bursting with pride.  Although the precise moniker was coined during our remodel process, it was a style that I’ve been drawn to since we were choosing linens for our wedding registry.  In the kitchen and living spaces, cozy industrial modern means masculine materials – distressed wood, aged brick, strong metals, and crisp lines – but also allowing a house to feel like a home, not like a factory.  In our room, the style transliterated to masculine-tended colors with small pops of famine softness and pink.  Straight lines while simultaneously feeling incredibly comfortable with nothing too perfect that it couldn’t be messed up (because, in our house, the great majority of the time it’s gonna be messed up). 
While we absolutely loved our old bed, we’ve been looking to upgrade to a King size for a year.  When we found a great deal for a new mattress set that was also not treated with chemical flame retardants at Costco, we knew it was time to make the switch.  However, with a new bed size comes the necessity to also procure new sheets, a new duvet, and a new headboard.  The possibilities were endless and overwhelming.  After much consideration, I decided I still truly loved the color scheme of our room and wanted to stick with the navy/white/gray scheme yet I couldn’t find a headboard I felt was worth the price.  I work from bed more often than I should admit so a cushy upholstered
headboard was a necessity.  When I couldn’t find an upholstered headboard that had the clean lines I was looking for under $500, I slyly approach my husband and presented him with an online DIY for an upholstered headboard.  We could make this! Eh, eh!  And make it we did.  I’ll be detailing the specifics of the DIY tomorrow but I’m absolutely thrilled with the result.  I’ll also be going over our bedding specifics next week because I’m equally excited about the sheets we choose and, in the quest to make our home a non-toxic environment, the bed is one of the best places to start as you spend so much time there!  In the meantime, please enjoy some before and after photos of our mattress update that quickly transformed into a master bedroom refresh.  


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