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Do you use a humidifier in your home?  I’ve heard about the health benefits for years but also had heeded the warnings on how an improperly cleaned humidifier could do more harm than no humidifier at all and, after cleaning a standard humidifier a few times, gave up in exasperation.  Then I saw this swiss-made BONECO travel humidifier featured on A Cup Of Jo and was intrigued.  It looked very sleek and, far more importantly, easy to clean.  I decided to give it a go.
The verdict?  It’s by far the best humidifier I’ve tried.  It delivered in the ease of cleaning department and looks mighty fine on my nightstand.  I was very pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was and the mist is very fine so it creates far less dampness than other humidifiers we’ve tried.  I’m also a fan of the water bottle feature – you can simply attach any water bottle making it very appealing for travel.  However, if you are a sleeper who is easily bothered by light the blue glow may annoy you.  Given our damp climate, I’m sure the difference isn’t as stark for us as someone with drier air but we do enjoy it  – I think the air feels fresher and I’ve noticed that I no longer wake up with chapped lips.  I can imagine for the stretches of time when our air becomes very dry it will be a revered item in our room and for now, it’s a peaceful and beautiful addition.  
Do you use a humidifier?  Do you swear by them?  
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    1. I bet Colorado air up on that mountain would feel it even more than we do! Reading reviews on Amazon one guy, who gave it five stars, says he lives in the driest place on earth: “I use it at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, where the average humidity is in the single digits”.

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