Our Wedding Video by SharkPig

Welcommmmeeeee back to weddinggggg week! [Insert my best game show announcer voice here.] Next up I would like to share our wedding video. Created by the insanely talented videography team at SharkPig in LA, I love how it perfectly captured both our personalities and our wedding day. We’ve never been a googly-eyed romantic couple (adore the couples who are, it just isn’t us) and I like how the video embodies our version of love.

I discovered SharkPig via the Cupcakes and Cashmere blog years ago and made a mental bookmark to hire them when we tied the knot – it was a common bond Emily and I got to chat about when I got to meet her last summer, nbd. Consequently, after Cameron proposed in Paris and we had marveled in the new-engagement high for about 48 hours we made the first official step towards planning our wedding – an email off to SharkPig inquiring about their availability the following summer 😉 We both agreed that if we went the more traditional, 20 minute or full day wedding video route, we would rarely watch it. This three minute video is one we have on the iPad; we will randomly watch every few months and it always brings a smile to our face. Of course, SharkPig provided us with a full day worth of footage but — true to form — we haven’t watched any of it yet.

Regardless of the videographer or video style, having someone film your wedding is something I simply cannot recommend highly enough. There is a life to videos that even the best photographs cannot capture and it was very fun to see the moments we may have missed throughout the course of the day as we were occupied elsewhere. If you are indecisive about a videographer, do it! You will never regret it. Enjoy!

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