Spring Shows

As Cameron and I are included in the millennial, cable-cord-cutting generation, it’s very infrequent that we just have the TV on in the background while we are home. We tend to get our news via podcast or our NYT subscription and the lack of an official cable connection means that we don’t have the ability to “surf” the channels. We do however have several shows that we regularly watch as they hit Netflix and Hulu; this spring there’s a fantastic mix of solid shows returning or new series that are just kicking off and look awesome! Here’s the top six shows we are looking forward to watching this spring.

Master of None: A light, dramady about the perils of finding love, season one of Master of None highlighted the adorable humor that is Aziz Ansari and I’m really looking forward to season two.  If you haven’t seen it, catch up on season one now!  

House of Cards: It’s a cult classic and returns for its 5th season this May. To say it’s a show about a twisted politician who wins spectacularly at the messy game that’s Washington DC feels unfair to the depth of this show. It’s a drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I still haven’t gotten over Zoe in season one!

Silicon Valley: It’s the tale of techies at a startup in Silicon Valley. It’s hilarious. It’s all true. Trust me.

Making History:  The tale of a less than impressive guy who has a time machine and thus can alter the course of history.  However, instead of using his power for consequential changes he uses it to get an 18th-century girlfriend whom he tells that he invented everything from email to skateboards.  That is until he realizes he’s caused the American Revolution to not occur and he must fix it.  Yes, it’s a bit cheesy but it’s also very funny.  

Girlboss: The new Netflix series chronicles the legendary rise to success of Sophia Amoruso and her even more infamous fall from grace when less than savory business practices were exposed.  I’ve heard the story but am looking forward to seeing if the show holds true.  Be warned:  the show has some crude language.  

Crashing: The tale of a stand up comedian trying to make it while his wife is asking for a divorce sounds like a depressing premise but Crashing is anything but. It’s heartwarming and funny. We raced through the freshman season on HBO.


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