Sweet Gift Idea: A Daily Desk Calendar

I find gift giving to my immediate family to be one of the most difficult tasks in the world. These are the people who mean everything in the world to me and nothing ever feels meaningful or substantial enough to properly signify what they mean to me. While it’s a simple fact that nothing purchased will ever be able to live up to that expectation, our Christmas gift to my mamma was pretty close. I asked my brother to send me some photos that mom hadn’t ever seen and dug through the old family photo boxes for a myriad of throwback photos to fantastic memories made together. I then uploaded them to Social Print Studio and created a daily calendar with 365 of my favorite photos. The process couldn’t be easier – you can upload photos from your computer or from social media sites and then you can drag and drop them in any order you wish. Ours was a Christmas gift so I choose to add dates to each page but you can also get them dateless if you are gifting the calendar in the middle of the year.

The result is something she can enjoy throughout the year – a delightful surprise each morning and the opportunity to remember some great moments our family has shared. As an added bonus for those that know our family, I’ve included the 365 photos I choose below after the jump (just click on the black and white “Read More” button below – all the photos took too long to load to put them all on the front page!). There’s certainly some throwbacks included that range from adorable to hilarious, embarrassing to endearing.  Enjoy! 


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