T.G.I.F – 10/21

I’m back from a week in Portland for a meet-up for work and while I had a great time, I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend with a possible trip to the pumpkin patch – the sun is supposed to peak out on Saturday for a bit.  I hope you have a great weekend everyone! 

Thought:  As read at Blue Star Donuts in the Pearl (see the find this week).  In particular, I giggled at the Google+ lesson; so much truth.

Gist:  Mindfullness is a skill that I think is critical and can prove to make you a better version of yourself in nearly every aspect of your life.  This NYT segment is a fantastic reminder to enjoy the little moments in life – and instructions on how exactly to practice mindfulness.  I’m a believer in the trite phrase that “one day we will realize the little moments were the big moments” and so this set of articles resonated with me.   
Image:  The view from my hotel in Portland this week as the sun was beginning to come up.  Sometimes I think it would be fun to experience the city life.  
Find:  Anyone who hails from the PNW likely is familiar with the iconic pink Voodoo donut box, full of oddities like the Bacon Maple Bar and Grape Ape.  But the true locals know the best donut in Portland hail from Blue Star.  While the box is admittedly not as pretty, the donuts creation begins on-site at 3 am each morning and are lick-lipping delicious.  Their best seller is the Basil Blueberry Bourbon donut by I am partial to the Chocolate Salted Almond.  If you thought Voodoo was the best in PDX, don’t worry!  I’ve fallen victim to the tourist farce myself but now you know better, you local you.  
Soul-food Saturday:  Share a favorite song with someone.  If that’s introducing your kiddo to the Beatles or forcing your signifiant other to jam to that Brittany Spears song that you danced to at your first middle school dance, do it!  My choose would be With You by Sum 41 although Out Of The Woods (Taylor Swift) and Angel In Blue Jeans (Train) are also up there on my list.  
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