T.G.I.F – 10/28

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I’m finally getting over this bug that’s had me down for most of the week so I’m looking forward to a weekend where we have nearly no plans beyond getting the house picked up and going to the farmers market (to get the makings of Sampson’s birthday cake for his first birthday on Monday).  The weekly newsletter for the blog kicks off this week as well so be certain to sign up in the right-hand side menu for a fun weekly update!  Have a great one and stay safe on this spooooky weekend. 

Thought:  So much yes.


Gist: It is truly terrifying to me that we prescribe this medication to children in this country.  Certainly not an uplifting read but, for me, it was incredibly eyeopening.  I had no idea Adderall was prescribed in such a widespread fashion.

Image:  Look at that sweet 26 year old enjoying his berry crisp “cake”.  While we celebrated Cameron’s birthday earlier in the month in Bend, he had his candle moment last week after a lovely birthday dinner at Hopjacks with my parents. 

Find: This week I don’t have a find to feature in the traditional sense of a material good but rather a delightful bit of magic that I found in nature this week.  As I was cooking dinner I noticed from the kitchen window that the sky had a vivid brightness that dramatically resembled an in-real-life Instagram filter.  I went outside to find a beautiful double rainbow with our house at the very end of the rainbow!  Guess I better go clean it so we can find the pot of gold 😉 #nofilter on all of these photos 

Soul-food Saturday:  Always be on the lookout for beauty in your world!  If I had been too focused on making dinner or insisted that I didn’t have time to go investigate, I would have missed the double rainbow! 

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about that amazingly bright double rainbow too! On olympiagram there were comments about its beauty except for the slowdown on I-5 because of the lookyloos?

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