T.G.I.F – 11/18

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I truly am speechless.  The kind words that we got from our remodel reveal meant more to me than anyone will ever know.  I am a lucky girl to have such lovely family and friends in my life and I’m grateful for every single one of you!!  Thank you for the love!!! 

Have a fantastic weekend – we are planning to go to friend’s house to play with their new pool table and, of course, support the birds at the football game on Saturday.  I hope to see you back here on Monday for my best tips to becoming a Black Friday pro. 

Thought: Risk is something that is incredibly difficult for me to embrace.  I have a very logical sequential manner of approaching life, admittedly paired with a healthy dose of emotion, but risk is rarely factored into the equation as a good thing.  This was a good reminder for me.  Also, I love the board.  You can find them on Amazon; I want to get one for our house and put a much less profound quote on it (via thedaybookblog). 


Gist: As we approach the wonderful crazy that is the epitome of the holiday season, I enjoyed these tips on how to write a thoughtful, handwritten thank you note.  Imagine how special it would be to send someone a note thanking them for making a difference in your life. 

And because this week I couldn’t choose just one gist to share, I’ve got another fun NYT article.  Sprinkles.  Funfetti.  I am a millennial, after all, and I undeniably remember begging my mom to get me the yogurt with the sprinkles in the lid. 

Image:  I’ve fallen hard for Gray Malin’s arial shots of beaches.  There’s a haunting anonymity to them, perhaps due to the distance from which they are shot, yet there’s also undertones of reliability.  In short, I just think they are really beautiful.  Although we don’t have a “beach-y” vibe in our house, I do think it would be fun to cut some of the shots out of his appropriately named book Beaches and frame them.

Brighten your walls, your home and your spirit ☀️ Pictured: Neon Umbrellas, Barcelona

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Soaking up the weekend… Pictured: St. Tropez Purple Umbrellas

A photo posted by Gray Malin (@graymalin) on

Find:  My obsession with Hamilton is well documented on this blog; however, when I stumbled upon the new Hamilton Mixtape (more precisely, when Apple Music recommended it) my excitement was a bit ridiculous.  Yet completely warranted.  Two new songs are released each week – It’s Quiet Uptown by Kelly Clarkson is my favorite.  If you are a fellow Hamilton enthusiast be certain to check out the PBS documentary as it was very well done.  

Soulfood Saturday:  I’m typically not a fan of Buzzfeed as their layouts for articles are so busy layouts and tend to overwhelm me but this.  Wow.  I remember vividly almost every. single. one. of these and the memories brought a huge grin to my face.  I lived for the 50% Scholastic warehouse sale when I was a kid, can still recite nearly the entire first chapter of Harry Potter from memory, and I owned every Berenstain Bears book in print.  This list is my childhood.  The tl;dr of this soulfood challenge?  Take a moment to reminisce.  I hope memories of your childhood brought you joy as it did for me. 


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