T.G.I.F ~ 11/25

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AH!  The sparkle of Christmas lights are popping up around the neighborhood, I’m watching Elf on repeat, and our house is engulfed in the beautiful smell of the seasonal cinnamon candy.  The joy of this time of year is perfectly marvelous and I love it.  You’re kind of the best, Christmas.  Our weekend will be spent savoring my brother being home, all sorts of decorating at the house, and celebrating my mom’s birthday on Sunday.  I hope you weekend is just as wonderful! 

Thought: My grandma posted this message of “How To Live Simply” on her Facebook last week and I found the message both insightful and grounding so I added the words to a photo of our wedding flowers and it’s currently my desktop background. 


Gist: As the holiday season is fully upon us, so is the shopping that comes with it.  Whether you are picking up a spa basket for a friend at target or a bag of chocolate chips to finish the Neiman Marcus cookies, I mentally bookmarked these tips from the New York Times on how to pick the fastest checkout line – tips backed by science! 

Image:  My mom’s gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece.  

Find:  On the Young House Love podcast last week, Sherry mentioned a family member had started a gifting tradition when their oldest was born of giving a personalized ornament each year.  A tree full of mismatched, meaningful ornaments is the stuff of my dreams so I loved both the idea and the suggestions she had sourced from Etsy.  You can find the links for all the ornaments for the photo below here


Soulfood Saturday:  This Saturday has been deemed Small Business Saturday.  In that spirit of community, I encourage you to get out today and support a local, small business by picking up a holiday gift that is likely much more unique than anything you will find at Target.  Two birds, one gift if you will! 

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