T.G.I.F ~ 1/13

Happy Friday everyone! I hope it’s been a good week all around. As for me, I got some work-related news that rocked my world a little bit, but thankfully I’m practicing someone tips for dealing with anxiety and learning (re-learning?) how to be patient. Have a fantastic long weekend everyone! xx Jena

Thought: If you’re looking for a neat community service opportunity, consider replying to spammer emails. It wastes their time and thus prevents them from stealing money from hardworking Americans. I was giggling throughout this TED talk.

Gist: I found a great deal of clarity and logic in this piece on why we should be planning for 2018, not 2017. The truly epic TV or book series are undeniably the ones that are better with a second watching or reading so why shouldn’t the same apply to your life? 

Image: A sweet moment of lingering snow on the plant outside our front door.

Find: Today, Friday the 13th, on this most fitting of release dates, the Series of Unfortunate Events adaption hits Netflix. I fondly remember the grade school days where I devoured all thirteen of these gothic, twisted, and gloomy stories filled with offbeat, incongruous humor. As if there were further reason to love this, it’s well documented that I’m pretty smitten by Neil Patrick Harris (whyyyy is Best Time Ever not on the air anymore??!?), and everything he does is undeniable gold. This time, however, the critics agree. The New York Times raved about both the show and the casting. I know how I’ll be spending my Sunday 😉


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