T.G.I.F ~ 3/10

Happy Friday!  I’m taking the tiny bit of blue sky poking out for the first time in weeks to be a good omen for the coming weekend.  I hope everyone has a great one!  
Thought:  While not in the typical vein of weekly inspirational thoughts on this blog, I couldn’t pass up these incredible, pizza-twirling brothers with the message they make clear:  given enough practice, you can be amazing at whatever you choose to do, at any age.  Bravo gents!   

Gist: I found this NYT Magazine piece on 25 songs that tell us where music is going fascinating – both in terms of content and presentation.  As a creative-minded programmer, the coding on this site that allows for each song to be played as you read is something I would like to emulate in the future.  Well done, NYT! 
Image:  The pop of color that’s currently brightening up our dining room table.  
Find: Have you heard of Halo Top ice cream?  A whole pint is around 300 calories and has 24 grams of protein!  That makes it okay to eat an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting, right!?  My favorite flavors are cookie dough and peanut butter cup.  
Bonus Video:  As someone who works from home, I thought this was absolutely hilarious.  


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