T.G.I.F ~ 3/24

Happy Friday!  It’s been a long week but I’m looking forward to the Capital Food and Wine Festival this weekend!  We are volunteering at a booth and will be there from noon to 3:00 if you’d like to stop by and say hello.  Here are a few fun things from around the web this week, if you’d like to read.  Have a great one everybody!  
Thought:  Listen up folks!  This man knows what he’s talking about.  Not only do I agree that Costco is a destination, I think I may take a page from his book if you leave your cart in the middle of the isle… 

 Gist:  This blog post on describing your family from A Cup Of Jo has stuck with me all week.  It’s something that I had never crossed my mind but, once proposed, seems so obvious.  I particularly loved a comment on the post that said:
Every night, my mother had us come to the dinner table prepared with the best joke we’d heard that day. She wanted to cultivate a sense of humor in us, and not just because she wanted us to be “funny” but because she wanted us to be able to laugh at ourselves and not take life too seriously. To this day, my friends marvel at my brother’s and my ability to find the humor in small, often “unfunny,” things. Thanks, mom!
It’s something I would like to implement at our family dinners.  
Image:  In honor of National Puppy Day yesterday, a couple snaps of our little Sampson this week.  The first snuggling sweetly next to mamma as I work.  The next, more realistic, tale of someone being naughty and perching on the edge of the couch to be as close to the kitchen island as he can get.  
 Find:  I recently ordered a crew neck sweatshirt to support my favorite podcast and I’ve been living in it since it’s arrival.  It’s funny, cozy, and easy.  I’ve been on the hunt for more and think this one from Bando is a sweet reminder to just do your best.  That’s all anyone can ask, after all.  


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