T.G.I.F ~ 4/28

It’s Fri-YAY ladies and gents!  Thank goodness.  This is the first weekend we’ve been home in quiet some time so I’m particularly jazzed that our only plans include some work in the garden and a trip to the farmers market.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  
Thought:  The grammar nerd in me thought this was hilarious.  Context is key.
Image:  We got to spend a lovely few days in San Jose last weekend with everyone together as we watched Justin play some baseball.  It makes my heart happy to be with those I love.  This photo was from Saturday morning when we took a walk around Stanford’s campus.  
Gist:  I loved this blog post on the top five reasons you shouldn’t vaccinate your kids (read it before you judge!!).  It’s not a topic to make light of; however, sometimes the best way to make a point about a touchy subject is through humor.  And in case anyone was wondering…our future children will 110% be vaccinated. 
Find:  If I ever have an opportunity to wander Whole Foods, you know I’m gonna be all over that.  When in San Jose last weekend we drove by a Whole Foods and I made Cameron turn around and let me marvel in the glory.  Ah, Whole Foods, New Seasons, and Boulevard Taco are the top three things I miss about living in Portland.  While we were exploring the San Jose Whole Foods, I discovered some delicious kale chips and this all-natural ginger gum.  In all my non-toxic witch hunts, checking the ingredients in my gum had never occurred to me!!  The Simply Gum ginger gum had a subtly sweet taste and very nicely matched the texture and stickiness of traditional gum – plus the ginger would be calming for a bellyache!  However, if ginger isn’t your thing the natural gum also came in several other flavors, including the more mainstream cinnamon.  

One thought on “T.G.I.F ~ 4/28

  1. Loved the vaccine article!! We exclude kids from school that are not vaccinated. I feel bad for them that their parents made that decision for them and now they pay the price. You are all protected because I listened to the doctor and read the research.

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