T.G.I.F ~ 6/2

Happy Friday, everyone! Sometimes the short weeks can feel like the longest so I’m very much looking forward to a weekend with zero plans. I hope your weekend is wonderful and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

Thought: While I try to stay far, far away from anything political on social media and the blog, I don’t think climate change is really an issue of politics – it’s an issue of our future. If anyone is upset by the decision to pull from the Paris Accord, you can personally have a positive impact on climate change by putting your spending dollars with your beliefs. If you’re in the Olympia area, I just called PSE and, for our house, it only costs $3-6 extra per month to get 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by enrolling in their “Green” program. I know PGE (Portland area) and others have similar programs so I thought I would share in case anyone is interested. Put your money where your passions are!

Gist: As a collector of cookbooks and a fan of Dinner A Love Story, I still learned a great deal in this post on 33 things she learned from cookbooks. My top three favorites are:

    •  Do as the Neapolitans do and never use cooked tomato sauce on pizza — it will overwhelm the toppings. Crushed raw tomatoes (with a little fresh garlic and olive oil) adds a brightness I had no idea I was missing. I can’t see ever going back.
    • In France, you will get disapproving looks if you walk down the street eating a sandwich. The French do not eat while walking, driving, or working. They respect food and food rituals. (Ah! I’m so guilty of eating both breakfast and lunch at my computer.)
    • For the best burgers: Grind muscle meat, not economy cuts.

Image: Our delicious dinner last night of Thai Steak Lettuce Cups. Highly recommended!

Find: Need a pick me up? While not a traditional item find, this video can brighten any day! Promise!


One thought on “T.G.I.F ~ 6/2

  1. Made me smile today! Thanks! I am going to try fresh tomatoes in my food processor with garlic and olive oil, seems just as simple as opening a can. May have to go to the market today! Thanks for the idea. You are so smart! xoxoxoxo 😉

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