TGIF ~ 1/20

Happy Friyayayay! I’m coming to you live from southbound I5, Portland-bound, where I’m super excited to catch up with some great friends from college at their housewarming party which is doubling as a tongue-in-cheek “funeral for our country.” Cheers to the weekend!

Thought: I won’t make any other comments about the historical event that occurred today but to remind myself of this quote. If you’re struggling today as well, I hope you find some comfort and positivity here.

Gist: In our massively corporate food infrastructure I think it is become increasingly critical to know where our food comes from and how it is produced. This New York Times article resonated with me, and as a company based in Washington I’m excited to try it out soon – ordering meat for both our meals and trying new organs for Sampson. I’ll report back after we do!

Image: Flashback to this beautiful moment last May. Emotionally and physically I’m longing for the sunshine and fresh start that accompanies spring.

Find: I’m relishing a new podcast – Pod Save America – which began last week and simply can’t get enough. It’s described as “a political podcast for people not yet ready to give us or go insane.” I couldn’t have described it better. While I often wish I could put my head in the sand for the next four years, I know that if I make that choice, I will have no one but myself to blame if our country makes decisions that I do not agree with. However, I also know that if I focus too much on the political issues raging in the world around me, my anxiety and stress will be unmanageable. This podcast strikes a beautiful balance. Run by a selection of Obama’s former young staffers, I appreciate the concrete suggestions on avenues for change and resistance. Fair warning, though (if you haven’t already gathered), it is a liberal minded podcast.


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