TGIF ~ 2/24

A short week that blissfully actually felt like a short week – what could be better?!  This weekend we’ve recruited my dad to help us haul home a new mattress (thanks, Dad!) and we spent last weekend making a DIY upholstered headboard for it.  I’m looking forward to getting our new bed setup and will be back to share pictures and a tutorial soon!  Have a good one everybody!
Thought:  I thoroughly enjoyed this TED talk from Mayor Pete Buttigieg (produced Boot-edge-edge) on how to be innovative without recreating the wheel. 

Gist:  When you are little, you think that when you grow up you can be a teacher, or a doctor, or an astronaut but the majority of careers that people actually do are incredibly diverse.  I found this article on nine jobs that Americans actually do incredibly compelling and a fascinating view into the “real” American work force.  
Image:  We finally made it up to the new Bellevue Soulcycle last weekend and it was awesome.  I’m obsessively checking the schedules for a Taylor Swift or Hamilton theme ride.  
Find:  I found this video by data artist Josh Begley absolutely fascinating.  The video shows every New York Times front page since 1852.  I was mesmerized as you can see pictures become more important and then when they flip to color I can see what a difference that made.  In a similar vein, check out this collection of the front pages of the NYT from a specific date each year.  What a fun gift idea for a birthday or anniversary.  

 P.S. Have you been This Is Us?  I’m at the point where Cameron can walk into the house and if I’m watching this weeks episode he automatically asks:  “how many times?”.  As in, how many times have I cried watching this episode.  Sampson gets super clingy and confused when I start bawling and yet I think it’s my favorite show on TV this year.  This PSA was just so true.  

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