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Welcome to the weekend!  We can start a few hours early, right?  Two beautiful days of glorious sunshine, slowly sipping coffee on the deck, and farmer market trips.  It’s the beautiful things in life.  Each Friday, I’d like to share:

  • a quote or idea that brought a small bit of inspiration to my week
  • a link, news article, or blog post that I found fascinating – in my line of work GitHub is part of my daily routine and our team frequently shares information of all sorts – a small code snippet, a list of favorite tools, or a helpful script – via a GitHub Gist….welcome to the world of tech!  
  • an image that brought me joy this week
  • and finally a new product I’m currently loving!  

Without further ado, thank goodness it’s Friday.  

Thought:  This blog is indeed a bit out of my comfort zone…so!   To great things! 😀 


Gist:  The power of casual gratitude and how to stop saying sorry when you really mean thank you.  I found myself nodding along to many of these ideas and love the idea of more casual gratitude in our daily lives.  

Image:  My sweet husband stopped in to the grocery store after work to get some food for the puppy and came home with a beautiful pairing of my favorite flower.  They’ve made me smile all week long.  Gerber daisies for the win!   


Find:  As someone very devoted to the La Croix cult, dare I say that I discovered something I love even more (ooo!).  Spindrift.  

find of the week! i mean, look at that color! ??

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Consisting of just sparkling water and crushed fruit, I don’t find the funky aftertaste with Spindrift Seltzer water that I noticed with most La Croix flavors.  My favorites are the raspberry-lime and watermelon while the cucumber is beautifully remnicient of a relaxing spa session.  Just as good served straight from the can as in a stemless wine glass, it’s been the perfect treat to elevate a hot summer afternoon into something special.   See where to find Spindrift near you here.  

Plus!  A Soulfood-Saturday Challenge.  This weekend, as we are in the midst of the summer bounty season, I challenge you to find a new way to fix your favorite vegetable.  We love to make crispy Brussel Sprout chips and asparagus drizzled with a bit of Italian dressing, broiled on low for 5-7 minutes.  

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