Thank Goodness It’s Sunday!

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This end of this week got away from me.  There was a lot going on and I’ve been feeling incredibly anxious about a number of things – personally, professionally, and politically.  I know for certain this election pressure is getting to me because it really is so incredibly important.  In a moment of reflection, in an attempt to call my racing brain I found it help to remember my ballot was stamped and sent last week and there was nothing I could do, nothing left for me to control.  I recalled a quote from Instagram I had screen-shot weeks previously:  “My eyes are open, my arms are open, my heart is open.  We cannot control the world around us, and the future – months, days, even hours from now – is anyone’s guess.  But we always have within us the capacity to love.  And in the face of all else, that one little truth feels like everything.” 

I hope you’ve had a great weekend with loved ones and can go into the week with a calm, loving mind.  Sending you much warmth for the week ahead.  

Thought:  Warning this video has NSFW language but her sediment, the message behind the strongly worded presentation…SO MUCH YES.  Whatever your motivation, just please get out and vote.  Please.  

Gist:  Clearly we have an election-centric mindset of here, so I’m going to stop fighting it an embrace the change to share some of my favorite articles of the week, even if it makes it abundantly clear where I stand politically.  Louis C.K. on voting for Hillary. And I think it’s important to say, I’m voting for her because I really love her and her policies to help women, children and the economy, not just because I am so adamantly against Trump. (Also, a reminder of the 282 people, places and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter — and that’s just on Twitter.)

Image:  Okay!  Enough politics 🙂  I know there’s been a lot of flack going around for these cups but I personally love the green (thunderbird green!) and love the message of unity and inclusion even more.  Kudos Starbucks!  Already loved you and now love ya even more.  (BTW:  If you are a Starbucks fan as well, take a listen to this episode of Alec Baldwin’s podcast.  An interview with Howard Shultz, I found it engaging and fascinating; did you know that Starbucks almost went bankrupt in 2007!?) 

Song (yes!  Sunday!):  Been listening this beautiful piece by John Legend on repeat in anticipation of both his new album and video. 

This promo of Love Me Now is hauntingly sweet and I love the progression of their family from All of Me to Love Me Now.  

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