The Scents of Autumn


There’s a well known phenomenon that occurs with music.  We all know the one – a specific song that has sedimental value to you comes on the Pandora stream and you are instantly swept back to a moment in time.  A special concert, a specific car ride, a first heartbreak.  For me, that same experience happens with smells.  A single smell for me can dictate a memory, a mood, a season.  Growing up I remember my mom always had candles burning and now I nearly always have a candle burning in our home – cinnamon for winter, fresh linen for spring, fruity scents for summer, and spicy notes for fall.  The smell sets the tone for me; I love the coziness that accompanies the rich scents with the sweet undertones.  That combination is pure autumn for me. 



I have two favorite autumn scents that frequently fill our home with their palatable fragrances.  The first is my favorite candle of all time:  Fall Festival; you can find it at Fred Meyer (now the jingle is stuck in your head, huh, I’m evil).  I simply cannot put it into words.  Rich.  Woody.  Spicy with a twist of vanilla sweetness.  It’s wonderful and the large jars are frequently on sale – I got this one for 4.99!!  However, as readers of this blog know, I’ve been making a conscious effort to rid our home of unnecessary toxins and paraffin wax scented with artificial fragrances serves as a double strike.  I’ve switched all of our other candles over to formulas of soy wax and essential oils but haven’t been able to find a scent that embodies the cozy vibes of fall.  While I keep looking, I’ve fallen in love with the stove-top potpourri.  I found this recipe on Chris Loves Julia and it’s proven to be my favorite but it is honestly incredibly forgiving.  If you don’t have something just omit it.  Want to add more cinnamon sticks, less cloves, more apples, less nutmeg – feel free!  I’ve made several variations based on what I have on hand and let’s just say I haven’t been disappointed yet.  Although I do sneak the occasional burn of Fall Festival (it really, truly is the BEST) most of the time I whip up a pot of this to leave slowly simmering on the stove all day.  Mmm!  Enjoy! 


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