Thoughts on September

September never fails to carry the essences of a new year to me in a much stronger way than January ever has.  I’m not certain if it’s that I am the daughter of educators or very recently out of the school grind myself, but that feeling of September being the epitome of a fresh start is something I’ve never gotten out of my system, despite September representing no real transitions for me the past few years.  That’s an excitement in the air in September that simply doesn’t exist in January.  Paired with the visible changing of the seasons, the novelty of all things new gives me life.  It’s a time to clear your mind, generate a fresh perspective; there is an inexplicable frisson of excitement in my soul this time of year.  If you aren’t in school, an educator, or a parent you likely have no actual changes manifesting in September either but you too can take advantage of the new opportunities of the changing season.  Try new foods.  Check out the latest museum exhibits.  Go on that hike you’ve been eyeing all summer.  Implement a new healthy habit like drinking more water, eating more vegetables.  Switch up your wardrobe.  Read books that you generally wouldn’t pick up.  It’s these life experiences that truly enrich your spirit, expand your horizons, and broaden your perspectives.  As it’s not a natural fresh start for me, I now have to make a conscious effort for September to become a fresh start but this vibrancy of the season and anticipation of all things new and exciting is something I never want to lose touch with.  
Today marks a complete week that local schools have been in session.  They may be experiencing the rush of newness in their classes.  Or, if they are lucky, Keegan-Michael Key is serving as their infamous substitute.  If you haven’t yet seen this legendary skit, enjoy!  It still makes me laugh every time.