Three Fun Things

Happy Tuesday, dear readers!  I hope this week has started smoothly for everyone and you are beginning to come up with some great weekend plans.  Here are three things that I enjoyed this week.
Have you seen this music video featuring the classic Beauty and the Beast anthem from the new Disney remake that’s coming out soon?  I thought it was hauntingly beautiful.  Now I’m excited about the movie!  

I’ve talked about Gray Malin’s work on the blog before but he came out with a new series featuring the Hawaiian Islands this week and I want them all.  A selection of my favorites:

 This GQ article made the rounds at work this week and upon reading the article, it presents a tale so tall I cannot believe it’s true!  A man lives in the woods for over 30 years with zero human contact and zero concepts of the modern reality.  Equal parts creepy and fascinating, it’s worth a read. 

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