Three Fun Things

Can you believe it’s the last day of February?! Spring is definitely on the way – I see buds coming out on the trees and the days are getting longer! If only the Washington weather could get the memo. Here are three things that brought a bit of sunshine into my week – enjoy!

Just like I cannot explain why it’s hilarious watching someone fall, I now know it’s also devastatingly funny to watch raw egg drip down someone’s face. I was dying over this Jimmy Fallon skit with my all-time-favorite NPH – Cameron said that my giggle reminded him of a baby playing peek-a-boo. I hope you enjoy this video even half as much as I did.

How cool are these Splitsville houses? Miami isn’t on the top of my bucket list but when we do visit, I will undoubtedly be planning a trek out to these interesting houses. I’d love to know more about their history and purpose.

I’ve been doing this stretching video a few times a week before I fall asleep and I do think it’s helping me fall asleep faster, even if I’m certainly no more flexible! Bonus: You can do it right in bed. What could be easier?


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