Three Happy Things

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I’m sorry for the silence the past few days in my small corner of the Internet – my company provided us with some crazy news and my reaction has required absolutely all of my brain space.  But I’m back today with three fun things that have brought me joy this week and I’ll soon deliver on the DIY headboard tutorial I promised you.  I hope today is a great one for you ?
The start of spring last year saw our house slowly being pulled back together from the disaster that the remodel created so there was less “spring cleaning” and more paint all the walls, clean up the piles of sawdust, and put real floors over the sub-flooring.  This year, though, I’m looking forward to a true spring cleaning attack!  I’m planning on following this guide from Oprah that’s detailed to the hour!  Magic!
I love everything about this.  Be a pineapple, people. 
Samsung unveiled a new line of TV’s this week, including this one that looks like a framed photo when turned off.  How has no one thought of this yet!? Genius!  
And, as I’m apparently unable to count, here’s a bonus video!  I posted about the dad who was interrupted mid-live-TV interview last week, but here’s how a mom would have handled it!  Too funny.  


2 thoughts on “Three Happy Things

  1. So true, I really didn’t like the way the man handled it…..I found I couldn’t listen to him after he wasn’t welcoming to his children.

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