Three Inspiring Things

Happy Tuesday!  Per blog tradition, I’m here to share three things that have inspired me or brought a smile to my face the past few weeks.  I hope they do the same for you!  
If you know me well, you know I love my Tone It Up ladies ?? I’ve always loved running and fitness has always been a priority in my life (met my husband at the gym, after all!) but these two and the TIU community keep me from never getting bored. Plus, even better, my mamma started doing it with me earlier this year ? making me love the workout schedule even more because I know we are doing it together ? (Admittedly, she works out at an ungodly hour so I do the same workouts, hours later.  Ha!)  The Tone It Up community of inspiring, encouraging, and genuinely kind women is like nothing else. TIU is about to kick off their 5th annual Bikini Series challenge which is an 8-week nutrition and fitness program.  If you are looking to be inspired and find new motivation I encourage you to sign up!  
I found this article on what separates the successful from the average incredibly compelling.  It’s changed how I’ve answered emails and requests the past few weeks.  It’s a short read and well worth consideration.  
Oh, what a beautiful record player setup.  I’ve been lusting after a record player for months and even though my husband and family think it’s a silly idea, I get so excited by the novelty of it.  Can I do the exact same thing (using the exact same speakers) with our Apple TV?  Sure.  But this would just be so cute!  

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