Three Terrific Things

Tuesday’s that masquerade as Monday’s really are the best kind of days. In celebration, here are three things I’ve loved this week. Happy Tuesday and I hope you had a lovely weekend!

When Cameron was still working at the PT clinic, one of his patients was a contractor. In making conversation, Cameron discovered he was working on a Whole Foods in West Olympia that was scheduled to open sometime in 2017. My sweet husband’s first response, “well, my wife is gonna be thrilled”. He knows me so well. We never make it down to Portland without doing a bit of grocery shopping at Whole Foods or New Seasons; I’m obsessed. While I think the quality and uniqueness of the food is well worth it, the expense is undeniably no small factor. When I found this article challenging four food bloggers (including a personal favorite, Jenny Rosenstrach) I was inspired. Plus, I’ve never spent $30 at Whole Foods so this is proof it can be done! Even for regular grocery store shopper (read: us!) it’s a good perspective on how it truly is attainable to eat healthy for cheap. Or at least cheaper.  🙂

Whether it be helpful, new ideas or inspiration to stick to what you already do, these eight Sunday habits of highly successful people are worth the read. Personally, I have the meal planning down but I’m going to make an effort to do something meaningful each and every Sunday.

Finally, if you haven’t seen this couple’s epic lip-syncing video to classic love songs, you are most welcome. It’s legend-wait for it-dary. Legendary!


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