Three Terrific Things

Happy Tuesday!  Per tradition, here are three things that inspired me or brought me joy in the past week. Enjoy!  
The math nerd in me would be remiss if I didn’t properly wish you a Happy Pi Day!  Can you find your birthday within the digits of pi?  Mine shows up at digit 1,615.  
I heard a new word on the news last night and felt it was my duty to whip up a graphic to educate my dear blog readers.  Raingry.  In the same family as hangry, I thought it was both hilarious and uncomfortably true.  As we go on to day 68 of straight rain in Olympia, I’m increasingly glad we impulse booked a long weekend in LA at the end of this month.  To the sunshine!  
Cameron finally convinced me this weekend, after months of trying, to watch the real-life version of his favorite childhood Disney – The Jungle Book.  It was phenomenally well done.  We cannot believe that this is now the standard of Disney movies that young children will grow up watching – it was vivid and beautifully imaginative.  Makes me very excited for Beauty and the Beast to come out on Friday.  I’ve been listening to the soundtrack and can’t wait for it to hit streaming channels so I can watch it.  Although, I will admit that I’m uncertain as to how I feel about a whole generation of kiddos coming to know Emma Watson as Belle, rather than Hermione.  Makes me feel old indeed! 


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