Three Terrific Things on Tuesday

It’s the Tuesday after a holiday weekend so I thought it would be fun to share some things that happen brightened up my world in the past weeks.  I hope you are having a good day and if it’s your first day back at work after the holiday’s I hope you are hanging in there!

After a busy holiday gift giving season, I’m sure you have myriad Amazon Prime boxes stacked up, ready to be broken down and recycled.  Instead of simply throwing them out, consider filling them with items to donate and Amazon will pay for shipping to the nearest Goodwill location.  What better way to make room for the new goodies you received than that donate to those less fortunate?  Admittedly, I am not Amazon’s biggest fan but I do love, love, love this.

Did you know that baby elephants throw temper tantrums and toss themselves into the mud when they’re upset?  I just can’t.  How cute. 

I’ve recently discovered the barre3 online workouts and am a huge fan!  It’s a fantastic workout that combines athleticism, ballet, yoga, and pilates.  The workouts really get my heart rate up but, more importantly, I actually do feel better throughout the day – I think my posture is better and I find the movements to be so much more functional than any other workout I’ve done in the past.  Being an online member gives you access to the weekly schedule but I’ll also be doing the b3 All-In program in January where there’s a full suggested workout plan and suggested healthy meals all month.  Join me!! 🙂  (Here’s a link for $10 off the online program if you are interested.)


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