Three Things on a Sunny Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  I’ve been working from the patio all week so it’s all smiles over here.  Here are three things I enjoyed this week.  I hope you find them inspiring or delightful as well.
I dare you not to smile as you are watching this video.  Double dog dare you.  Yeah, didn’t think so ?

If you are planning on any pool time this season, I have a useful trick for you.  Prior to swimming, saturate your suit with fresh water, making it more difficult for damaging chlorine to soak in.  Then, when you get home, turn the suit inside out and wash with mild detergent.  Lay on a flat surface to dry.  
With all this warm weather that’s hitting the PNW, I’m finally able to make use of my collection of sundresses.  Cupcakes and Cashmere and Target are my favorite destinations for the best sundresses every season.  Here are six of my favorites currently in stock at Target (pictures are linked).  

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