Three Things on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday dear readers! We are spending this week in San Francisco as I’m here for work but I’m loving my new coworkers, my belly is full from delicious meals, and my calfs are sore from all the hill climbing. I think that means we are doing San Francisco correctly, yes!?! Here are three things that made me smile last week and I hope they bring a bit of joy to your day as well.

This. Just this. Does it get funnier than this??  Goodness, gracious.

Hard Knock Life came on my Apple Radio Show tunes station the other night and it was such an incredible flashback. I instantly texted my mom and asked if she remembered watching Annie countless times with me growing up (1999 version will always be the best). She did and suddenly I was watching the VHS quality trailers for Annie, Parent Trap, and Matilda while texting back and forth. It brought back some memories of a pretty incredible childhood and I’m thankful every day for my parents who raised me with such a wide view of the world and surrounded by such love. I’m very blessed, indeed. I hope this was a fun throwback for you too! What were some of your favorite movies as a child? Cameron has fond memories of watching The Sandlot on constant repeat.

We got engaged in Paris, so I’m likely biassed but it’s one of my top three favorite cities in the world. I’m bookmarking this guide to the 12 most Instagrammable spots in Paris for our return trip and was delighted to see we had a few already! (P.S. The wide, expansive field of green in front of the Eiffel Tower is a lie. It’s a swamp of tourists ? We only got a clear moment as it started to rain. Don’t worry though, crowds and all it’s still an absolutely magical place full of magical moments.)


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