Three Things on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Per tradition, here are three things that I found hilarious, interesting, and delicious (in that precise order!) this week.  Enjoy!
Oh, Jimmy Kimmel.  He’s a mover alright!  A do’er, well…it’s a funny thing to have noticed, regaurdless of where you stand in that camp.  

 I found this article from the NYT on mixing up date night fascinating.  It really resonated with me.  The general gist is that dates where couples try new things together provide a greater sense of closeness and bonding than standard dinner-and-a-movie dates – even if they occur less often.  
Gabby has been directly responsible for many of my favorite recipes (herb crusted salmon, I’m lookin’ at you) so I cannot wait for another batch of brown bananas to try this double chocolate banana bread.  Yum!!  If you aren’t a choco-holic (what’s wrong with you? ? ) you can find our family classic banana bread recipe here.  

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