Toad in a Hole: BAGEL EDITION

I recently saw a recipe that blew my mind.  I tried it immediately and it was life changing, dear reader.  I’ve always been a fan of the classic toad in a hole – what could be better than having your breakfast, buttered, toasted bread and fried egg, in one convenient little package.  Even still, with the standard version, you have to make your own hole in the middle of the bread.  The bagel already has a hole.  Pre-done!  Nothing left to do!  Plus, if you use an everything bagel all the goodness of the toppings elevates the regular toad in a hole concept to new heights.  It’s perfection.  Please, please try this.  It’s delicious!  A locally-made bagel would also be a fantastic hostess gift or party favor.  Then your guest or host could make this recipe the following morning and sing your praises.  Win.  Win.  
Simply add a pat of butter to a pan on low heat, allowing the butter to fully melt and cover the pan.  Add the bagel, cut side down, expanding the hole in the middle of the bagel if it’s not large enough to fit an egg yolk.  Break the egg and cover that pan!  I like a relatively solid yolk so I left my bagel-egg goodness on the stove for 5-6 minutes.  Enjoy!  


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