Weekend in Colorado

I’m really excited to share a few photos and a video from our time in Colorado this weekend!  My brother is a mad-impressive USAFA cadet who is at the top of his class and plays D1 baseball for the Academy.  While I’m so proud to be his sister, it is mighty unfortunate that he lives so far away.  These weekends when we get the chance to spend some time with him are absolute treasures.  Justin and I are over three years apart which, growing up, felt like a world of difference.  Now that we are older, our interests and perspectives are becoming more in sync which makes it even more fun to hang out together.

It was a quick visit, Friday to Sunday, but we managed to have a lot of fun!  Cameron and I spent Friday afternoon in Denver exploring and getting a sweet, secret tour of the MusclePharm headquarters where a myriad of professional athletes train.  We grabbed a bite at Whisky Tango Foxtrot which sits in the shadow of Coors Field.  While I was madly in love with all the brick I can also highly recommend the food!

After slugging through the Friday afternoon Denver traffic, we made it to Colorado Springs and were able to snatch up Justin from USAFA as he was finished with baseball practice.  Although he had more practice on Saturday and Sunday we were able to get in some great meals, shopping, exploring Manitou Springs, and even better conversations.  Plus he scored us tickets to Train and Tim McGraw on Saturday night.  It was an excellent concert although though the Colorado cold is no joke!   While Justin was at baseball, Cameron and I explored downtown Colorado Springs (recommendation:  skip) and The Broadmoor.  I desperately wish we had more time to explore the opulent hotel that has been a destination for starlets and celebrities since the 1920’s.  Intricate details were abound – everything from the ceiling tiles to the carpet was swanky and complex.  We spent some time in the posh library and grandiose ballroom pretending we were much fancier than we really are.  The grounds were complete with beautiful landscaping and a delightful little lake.  It would be a lot of fun to get lost on the grounds for the day on a future visit, enjoying the grandeur and learning more about the history of the resort. 

If you are visiting Colorado Springs, the local kid did fantastic as our culinary tour guide, taking us to Back East, Bella Panini, and Fuzzy’s.  Back East had a sports bar vibe with delicious pizza, Bella Panini is a family run, tiny Italian restaurant with food so good you wonder how it has remained so inconspicuous, and Fuzzy’s was a relatively inexpensive Mexican place with a fantastic vibe!  Cameron and I so badly wished there was a Fuzzy’s near us as nothing in the Olympia area has been able to satisfy the Portland Boulevard Taco obsession. 

Thanks for having us Justin!  Can’t wait to be back soon. 


















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  1. Sure love my kids!!!! You are three amazing young adults that make this world a better place!! Always be there for each other.

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