DIY Non-Toxic Toner

My quest to master a non-toxic beauty routine is well documented on this blog and it’s morphed into a bit of a passion.  After a year of diligent effort, I’ve got a ritual that’s comprised of exclusively green products (read about it here!); I’ve now turned my attention to replacing as many of these as possible with DIY versions.  Not only is it cheaper, it’s incredibly empowering to be able to whip up your own face wash or toner when you run out rather than relying on the shipping speeds and in-stock availability.  Plus, did I mention, cheaper!  That said, I am absolutely not willing to sacrifice quality.  I want a product that works equally as well as the store bought version.  No compromises here.  After playing with various concoctions for the last few months, I’ve made a lot of subpar toners, moisturizers, and face washes.  But!  I’ve also had a few winners!  And I’m here today to share one of my favorite swaps.  An apple cider vinegar toner!  
You might recall, I swore by the Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Toner.  It was the one exception in their line where I could absolutely justify the ridiculous price tag because I loved it so much.  It helps with breakouts a lot and keeps my foundation from getting shiny all day.  I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be able to make something that was as good but I did!  It’s great for problem (read: a bit oily) skin without being too drying.  Are you ready for the best part?  It’s only got two ingredients!!  Simply mix one part apple cider vinegar (get organic because it’s going right into your body) with two parts filtered water.  Morning and evening I saturate a cotton ball, rubbing it over my face after cleansing and I’ve noticed a huge difference!  The smell may be a bit off-putting to some but that’s easily remedied with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.  Please let me know if you give it a try!  
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