Holiday Travel + Traffic


Over the river and though the woods to grandmother’s house we go! (Or luckily, in our case, over the street and through the yard to my parent’s house we go!) The holiday travel season is upon us and millions of American’s are making their way through airports and highways in the frenzy that embodies the voyages back to the places from which we are from. In the spirit of travel tidbits, I’d like to share a video I found fascinating.

Have you ever wondered how traffic jams actually begin? I was surprised by how much scientific research was available on this simple question but the basis of essentially all traffic jams come down to three fundamental, logical reasons: drivers do not maintain steady speeds, there are too many cars given the available road space, and many drivers are terrible at merging. I know. I promised a fascinating tidbit and I’m certain none of these points are surprising. Instead, just be mesmerized by a traffic jam forming, below. I think Reddit user JitConHam phrased it most eloquently: “The data couldn’t be more clear. We need to ban red cars.” 😛 Safe travels everyone!


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