T.G.I.F – 10/14

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Lamps on.  Candles are lit.  Risotto is planned for dinner tonight.  There’s a supposed major storm headed towards the PNW this weekend and I’m ready to hunker down.  Crossing my fingers that we don’t lose power!  Hope everyone is able to stay warm and dry this weekend.

Thought:  It’s called balance.  


Gist:  I identified so completely with much of this article on being an adult woman who talks to her mom at least three times a day.  My close relationship with my parents is one of the things that I treasure most.  

Image:  We have kale still going strong and butternut squash close to being ripe but I pulled the last of the zucchini and tomatoes out of the garden this week – including this monster!  I wear size 8 shoes!  


Find:  Did you see the mini pumpkins on a stick?  Only joking, but I will never get tired of them.  I was also excited this week to discover West Elm released a new set of their “Utility” kitchenware line.  We were lucky enough to get the original set as a wedding gift but I now have my eye on the spoon, butter, coffee, and oil additions.  I love the clean lines and bold font in our industrial modern home.  Next time I see a West Elm coupon float by I’m adding to our set!  


Soulfood Saturday:  Make someone else smile.  It can be as simple as a text to an old friend, a compliment to a stranger, or inviting family over for a home cooked meal just share some love this stormy Saturday.  

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