T.G.I.F ~ 12/16

The sun is shining, the sky is a clear, crystal blue, and remnants of Wednesday night’s snow sparkles in the sunlight.  It couldn’t be a more beautiful, crisp winter day.  After a fantastic evening with the family last night, I’m looking forward to more family time this weekend now that everyone is home for Christmastime.  I’m also beginning to pack in my head for Mexico next week 😉 Have a great weekend everyone!

Thought:  It’s a bit on the longer side but this message had an incredible amount of truth.  We have spent this week being mindful of the time we spend on our phones and it’s been very eye-opening.  Simon’s presentation is eloquent and articulate making it well worth the time investment.  

Gist:  This light hearted conspiracy theory centered on Starbucks baristas purposely misspelling you name for the free publicity you give them when you post the ridiculous spelling on Instagram is entertaining to no end.  Hey, whatever it takes.  I still love ya Starbucks.

Image:  A quick selfie shot on our way into a Christmas party a few weekends ago.  

Find:  Handmade in small batches at their shop in Brooklyn, New York this chocolate bar is unique in flavor and melts in your mouth.  Plus, the packaging is adorable making these babies a fantastic gift.  

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