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With school starting this week, I’m feeling all the feels about my absence from the ritualistic excitement.  I visited the high school a few times this week to partake in the thrill of fresh beginnings; September has always felt more the start to the year than January to me.  I’m looking forward to going to the first home Thunderbird Football game of the year tonight and enjoying the sunshine that has returned.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

Thought:  Always a solid reminder.  


GistThis essay from President Obama on feminism should be required reading.  

Image:  A beautifully vibrant display of sweet peppers at the market this weekend!  


Find:  We’ve all seen the idealistic face wash commercials.  You know the ones – where the fresh-faced beauty leans over the sink, cups her hands, and in a dazzling splash of goodness washes all the makeup and sudsy residue away.  And we all know that the reality is a face full of smeared makeup and water all over the bathroom.  This means that I was resorting to removing my makeup and washing my face each night with a washcloth.  I didn’t give it much thought until Cameron pointed out how red my face was each evening after I used the abrasive washcloth (standard, cotton that felt soft enough).  I decided to order some baby washcloths and have noticed an incredible difference.  Soft as butter and a definitive elevation to my nightly routine.  


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